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A Place in the Sun

You know, it is extremely difficult to write something that is both positive and, hopefully at least, partly amusing.

Let a situation wind me up and I’ll knock off 3, 5 or 7 hundred words at the drop of the proverbial sombrero and with the precision of something stamped ‘swiss made’.

Here I am, showered, finely clothed and tonsured, the sun is sunning, the wife is working and the children childrening, all is well in my happy contented world. This is, as I have been known to say, the life, Peter Mayle eat your heart out.

Yet the words, unlike the wine, will not flow, what twist can one bring to a day that is close to perfection. The worst excesses of the tourist season have yet to descend upon us and I can sit in my usual place watching the world go by, it’s O.K. that I didn’t want a new watch or sunglasses, that my CD and DVD collections are up to date, my wife has no need of a rose to brighten her day and the kids have had their fill of flashing lights.

If the odd musician or entertainer should stroll by, perform then pass a hat to collect a few well earned euros I will not bat an eye.

So what happens to disturb this idyllic scene?

Along comes a bloody accordion ‘player’, what is going on here? Is somebody handing these things out on the boat and pointing the recipients in the direction of Fuengirola with a Bert Wheeden starter book and a word of encouragement?

They wander up to an unsuspecting terrace, ignore the howls of protest (usually mine), murder a couple of cats for a few minutes then have the temerity to demand money.

I am considering offering a bounty to curb this blight of the night. It used to be ears but as these people appear to be tone deaf I am afraid that that won’t work and simply destroying the offending instruments of torture could encourage an unhealthy black market.

Suggestions, on a postcard, please and help me remove these weapons of mass distraction that threaten our world of peace

Actually, I shouldn’t complain, at least they’ve given me something to write about.

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