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I received some post today, no, actually I didn’t. To be entirely correct I received someone else’s post today; again!

Let me state at this juncture that I am not a regular user of the services provided by the modern day equivalent of Mr Peels’ visionary dream, the odd card at Christmas and the occasional picturesque view of places both exotic and, being invariably cold and wet, luckily far, far away.

Like many I tend to entrust my correspondence to the ether. Whilst being quick and cheap it scores over the more sedentary forms of communication by working the way it’s supposed to, i.e. I write something down, mark it for a specific recipient, press send, it gets delivered. Simple. Better yet, not one single tree has had to suffer in the process.

Of course supporters of the snail mail system will bang on about the lost art of letter writing while conveniently forgetting about the apparently lost art of letter delivery or indeed the lost letter itself.

Woebetide someone sends you something deemed important and be foolish enough to pay the surcharge to ensure that you receive it, then you are really in for a treat. Having made sure that he only calls when you are out the man with his little yellow cart will deposit the dreaded ‘collect at post office’ notice in your mailbox, or at least one very similar to it. He will not, of course, fill in any of the little boxes in order to ensure that you have no clue whatsoever as to what it is you are supposed to collect. For all you know it could be anything, from battleship to birthday card.

My advice? Don’t even bother. After several days of queuing at the main office and a superficial search, in vain, whatever it is will have had an Elvis done to it. So do as I do, grab a laptop, sit in the sun and do everything electronically after all the only thing I want sending to me can be done via Western Union.

Caveat: If you work for a government department please ignore all of the above and stick to what you know best.

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