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Incredible as it may seem my last article upon the vagaries of our postal service seems to have generated a response from the powers that be.

Yeah verily, the pen is indeed mightier than the sword, although, in truth, the sword, as an option, is oft times exceedingly tempting.

You may not be aware but, thanks to yours truly, the postal system is due for a major overhaul and what, you may well ask, is this overhaul to encompass?

Well, not to put too finer point on it, in order to ensure that your mail may be delivered, even possibly on time and to the correct address, the government has decreed, in its infinite wisdom, that the answer to all of our problems is to restrict the sale of postage stamps.

One can not, in all fairness, fault their logic, less stamps, less post, sorted (no pun intended), job done!

Intrigued by this apparent rush of brain to the blood I was, of course, forced to take this that one step beyond.

By restricting the sale of postage stamps to, for instance, post offices and only issuing one per customer, they could ensure that a maximum of 20 stamps per office per day were in circulation thus creating an underground black market which, I am sure, many an elected official would be happy to step in to exploit.

In fact they could even go as far as to supply each and every household with a personal ‘letter delivery operative’ who, upon taking possession of an item of mail destined for their client, would then sit on their doorstep with said item until you arrived home.

To be honest this was not quite my intention, forever the pragmatist I would have been more than satisfied with issuing each and every postman with a street map, a Postman Pat trainer guide and a basic instruction in numerology.

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