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Those of you familiar with the works of the incomparable Douglas Adams may remember his cautionary tale upon the evils of shoes, if so you can safely skip the next trilogy in two paragraphs without suffering undue harm, those of you who are currently thinking Douglas who ? Are probably better off turning the page until you find an advert for your local Mc’Kentucky Pizza King or equivalent and leaving the rest of us in peace to have a jolly good chuckle at your expense.

OK, you came thus far, now let me make it worth your while. To reiterate Mr Adams’s prescience it concerned the planet … located not far from here. Now some have attributed this foresight to Doug’s intrinsic insanity or alleged usage of mind altering substances in fact it was almost certainly based upon a fleeting visit which we made to Fuengirola some years ago.

It left him with inspiration and me with a hangover. Be that as it may, his far seeing vision appears to be on the verge of fruition. Once startled out of my stupor, in-depth research (a walk up and down Fuengirola high street) for this article elicited the following statistics: 10 shops mainly selling shoes and 16 shops also selling shoes. It does not take a great flight of fancy to see where our future lies.

As i cast my eyes about me I fear it is too late to change this inevitable descent into decadence but, perhaps, there is still time to change the ultimate harbinger of our demise. I, for one, advocate the replacement of all offending establishments with hairdressing salons, for was it not said ‘Fear not to go barefoot into that dark night but I’m buggered if I’ll go with my roots showing’

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