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I thought I would do some pieces about cooking. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no chef, the wife however is head chef at a well known local restaurant and mother, although trained to cordon-bleu standard only ever practiced her skills on the family but I guess some of both their talents has rubbed off on me along the way. The term ‘enthusiastic amateur’ covers it fairly well I like to think.

No, what made me want to do this was a recipe I found whilst searching the web for the best way to roast a duck. I had rashly chosen to pick one up on Christmas Eve to prepare for the family the next day, as one does, impulse shopping at its very worst, and having got the offending bird home was faced with the realisation that I had never roasted a duck before and had no clue how to do so with any chance of it resulting in something edible.

So, to my first port of call whenever I am lacking in information and one google search for ‘simple roast duck’ later up pops nearly 3 million hits. One of the many offers that this returned was headed The Confabulist: ostensibly simple roast duck recipe. It was the word ‘ostensibly’ that initially caught my eye and then, a little lower, it said ‘jam with dust on the lids’ and I was hooked. This I had to read, so I did. The recipe is so hilariously penned that its actual value as a guide to duck preparation rather took second place. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I tried it, with a few variations of my own (not having the aforementioned dusty jam to hand) and it turned out just fine.

So here follows a few recipes of my own, with I hope a touch of humour to make the task of cooking just a little more fun.

stale baguette garlic bread


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